2024 Micro-Certification: Relational Leadership

Micro-Certification in Relationship Building to Increase Value in Parks and Recreation

Goal: To empower professionals in the field of parks and recreation with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate mastery in relationship building, thereby showcasing the fundamental value of parks and recreation to a community.

Mission: The Kansas Recreation and Park Association's Micro-Certification Program is dedicated to elevating professionalism in the field of parks and recreation by providing a comprehensive and specialized curriculum focused on relationship building. Our mission is to equip professionals with the tools and expertise needed to forge meaningful connections within their communities, fostering a deep appreciation for the intrinsic value that parks and recreation bring to individuals, families, and the community at large. Through this program, participants will develop the competencies required to showcase the transformative impact of parks and recreation, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for residents across Kansas.

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Program Details

- Throughout the course, participants are asked to engage in micro task (such as bi-weekly activity challenges, weekly LinkedIn Private Group posts, 2 virtual events, attend 1 of the free in-person KRPA Regional Education Symposiums; and complete 2 reading reflections) 

- Networking: An excellent chance to connect with fellow professionals and share experiences.

- Earn CEUs: Participants will be eligible to earn CEUs based upon their participation in the program with the potential for up to .5 CEUs.

- Cost: $199

Reading Reflections: Participants are required to read 2 books from a selection of books given by KRPA (Infinite Game, The Art of Gathering, The Power of Moments, or Unreasonable Hospitality) and write a short reflection on your key takeaways. First book is to be completed by Sept 1st and second book to be completed by December 31st. Audio books are very welcome, and many of the books are available at your local library or through the Libby or Hoopla app for free.

General Timeline of Events:

March/April: Introduction to Relationship Building in Parks and Recreation
- Attend one of the Regional Education Symposium for Extra Kickoff with KRPA Staff (Overview of the Micro-Certification Program)
- Bi-weekly activities: Word Definition Activity
- Virtual Webinar 1: Moving from Transactional to Relational by David Millay on April 24th at 12:00PM CST
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: Importance of Relationship Building in Parks and Recreation

May: Foundations of Effective Communication
- Bi-weekly activities: Understanding Communication Styles, Building Trust and Credibility and Qualitative Self-Assessment
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: article, podcast, or video to review

June: Community Engagement Techniques
- Bi-weekly activities: Identifying Community Stakeholders and Spot the Mistake Challenge on Engagement Strategies
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: Videos, articles, word definitions to review

July: Cultural Competency and Inclusivity
- Bi-Weekly Activity Challenge: Translate Common Phrases into Spanish (Quizlet)
- LinkedIn post weekly: TED Talk, podcast, Question of the week, etc.

August: Enhancing Interpersonal Skills
- Bi-weekly activities: Do's and Don'ts for Difficulties with Patrons
- Virtual Webinar 2: Relationship Building Strategies with David Millay on August 7th at 12:00PM CST
- LinkedIn post weekly: article, Ted Talk, or video to review.
- Book Reflection 1 Due (Finished by Sept 1st)

Month 6 (September): Park and Recreation Key Messaging
- Small Group Zoom Check-In Meeting with KRPA Staff
- Bi-Weekly Activity Challenge: Key Messaging and Definition and Find 5 Images that Reflect Messaging
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: TED Talk, podcast, Question of the week, etc.

October: Connecting with Head and Heart
- Bi-Weekly Activity Challenge: Economic Impact Report Submission (Knowing Your Value) and Creating a Stakeholder Letter Using AI
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: article, Ted Talk, video, etc.

November: Applying Relationship Building in Real Scenarios
- Bi-Weekly Activity Challenge: Aliens Have Landed Activity and Oral Presentation
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: Podcasts, Questions of the Week, True/False, local elections

December/January: Reflecting and Planning for the Future
- Bi-Weekly Activities: Whose/Who of New Elected Officials and Final Quiz
- Book Reflection 2 Due (By December 31st)
- LinkedIn Post Weekly: article, Ted Talk, video, etc.
- Reception at the End (Before or during the 2025 KRPA Conference)


Please contact the KRPA office at (785) 235-6533.
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