Administration Branch


Administration Branch

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The Administration Branch is one of 8 branch units of KRPA membership that provides specific focus and attention to a professional endeavor of the park and recreation industry.  The other KRPA Branch groups are Aquatics, Park and Natural Resources, Park Law Enforcement, Recreation, Sports, and Wellness. Branch leadership falls under an elected board.

Throughout the year, the branch board will plan workshops and structure the specific educational track for that focus of professional activity during the annual KRPA Conference and Trade Show.  Branch board representatives also serve as a voice of KRPA leadership and provide advice and direction to its members related to industry resources.

Upon joining KRPA, members have an opportunity to participate in one or more branches (no limit) which also entitles their participation in the branch board election process.  


Amy Conkling

Hutchinson Recreation Commission


Jennifer Kraus

Emporia Recreation Commission 


Brian Peel 

Spring Hill Recreation 

Jeremy Myers

City of Overland Park 

Levi Meyer 

Ottawa Recreation Commission 

Tonya Lecuru

Shawnee Parks and Recreation

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