The Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit association that is governed by a board of directors. 

2018 NEW Board of Directors Structure

1.         President -  (Term ends in 2018)
2.         Past President - (Term ends in 2018)
3.         President Elect - (Term ends in 2018)
4.         Member-at-Large - West (Term ends in 2020)
5.         Member-at-Large - Central (Term ends in 2018)
6.         Member-at-Large - East (Term ends in 2018)
7.         *Member-at-Large (Term ends in 2018)
8.         *Member-at-Large (Term ends in 2019)
9.         *Member-at-Large (Term ends in 2020)

*New Board Position

Terms of Office
The terms of office for the offices of President, President-Elect, Past-President are one year. The Members-at-Large serve three-year terms with a consecutive two term limit, with the exception of our new at-large positions. To stagger the new at large positions, the vote for the 2018 Board of Directors will consist of a one year term at large member, a two year term at large member and a normal 3 year term at large member. Next year we will have the one year at large member up for re-election, which that person can run for the second term of a full 3 years.

NEW Members-at-Large Representative Responsibilities:
·         Serves as a member of the Board of Directors.
·         Communicates with members and non-members to promote KRPA programs, services, and initiatives and to understand their needs and wants.
·         Collaborates with KRPA Branches to further their understanding of leadership development and pathways.
·         Represents the Board of Directors at branch and other external organizations' meetings and conferences as requested by the President.
·         Monitors the strategic plan for relevance based on industry trends and makes recommendations for modifications if needed.
·         Serves on task force or board appointed workgroup as assigned by the President
·         Carry out additional duties as referred by the President

Join the Board of Directors

Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) invites interested members to provide leadership as members of the KRPA Board of Directors. If you would have interest in being a member of the board of directors or in nominating someone for a board position, please contact the past president who serves as the nominating committee chair. Nominations are due by September 22, 2017. Voting will start on September 25, 2017 and end on October 5, 2017 at noon. 

The KRPA Board of directors is the governing body of the association and has the authority and is responsible for the supervision, control, and direction of the association.  
KRPA Board of Directors Policy Manual
KRPA Bylaws

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule
January, March, May, July, August, October

Retreat: October 11-12, 2018

2017 Board of Directors Voting Members (21)

Officers/Executive Committee/Scholarship Committee (Term)

1.         President (1) -  Kelby Hellwig (Johnson County Park and Recreation District)
2.         Past President (1) - Brian Bascue (Newton Recreation Commission)
3.         President Elect (1) - Chris Claxton (Leawood)
4.         Secretary/Treasurer (2) - Logan Wagler (Lenexa Parks and Recreation)
5.         Administration Branch Chair (2) - Neil Holman (Shawnee)
6.         Aquatics Branch Chair (2) - Kelly Cook (Manhattan)
7.         Therapeutic Recreation/Aging Branch Chair (2) - Rhonda Pollard (Johnson County Park and Recreation District)
8.         Park and Natural Resources Branch Chair (2) - Nathan Alt (Johnson County Park and Recreation District)
9.       Park Law Enforcement Branch Chair (2) - Kim Jones (KDWPT, Cross Timbers State Park)
10.       Recreation Branch Chair (2) - Andrea Kelly (Chanute Recreation Commission)
11.       Sports Branch Chair (2) - Ricci Tucker (Winfield)

Other Voting Members (Term)

Regional Representatives

13.        Member-at-Large - West (2) - Daniel Pyle (Ellis Recreation Commission)
14.        Member-at-Large - Central (2) - Candi Fox (Winfield)
15.        Member-at-Large - East (2) - Olivia Mayer (Shawnee County)

Standing Committee Chairs (Appointed Annually by President)

16.        Citizen Board - Kim Galbraith
17.        Colleges and Universities - Janice Jewett (Pittsburg State University)
18.        Professional Development - Steve Herrig (Blue Valley Recreation Commission)
19.   Public Policy - Tim Finlay (Hutchinson)
Conference Planning- Chris Claxton (Leawood)

Non-Voting Members (Ex-Officio) 

20.         Parliamentarian - Steve Friend (Baldwin City Recreation Commission) 
21.         Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Representative - Linda Lanterman (KDWPT)
22.         KRPA Executive Director - Erika Devore


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