SHARP Workshop will take place on September 6, 2018  in Topeka, KS from 10:30AM-3PM. This workshop is for park and recreation professionals of all levels: front-line staff to senior-level employees. Lunch will be provided. Registration is now closed. For questions or concerns please contact Kelli Maydew at

Our goal for this SHARP workshop is to provide new skills to help you thrive in your position, boost your professional development that will help in everyday tasks, and give you practical experiences to help problem solve at your job.

Each participant gets to choose one branch focus for that day. These are the 7 branch options:

Scroll down to learn more about each branch goal and focus.

Aquatic Branch

Goal/Focus includes:
      •  “That Moment”: where all your training, preparation and skill come to the surface and you take action.
      • Learn problem-solving skills in different situations to build confident flexibility to train and manage the next scene
      • KRPA aquatics branch/Shawnee County Emergency Management will provide hands-on training and activity that will focus on the foundations of emergency awareness and preparation at aquatic venues.
      • Set a foundation of learning for future training dates on large scale emergency management scenarios.

        Admin/Marketing Branch
        Goal/Focus includes:

        • Learn and explore how to take great promotional photos with your smart phone
        • Creating a voice for you community's park and recreation department
        • Learn how social media can assist in growing your brand strength
        • Tips and tricks for creating engaging social content

          Marketing Branch Sponsored by: 

        • Park Law Enforcement Branch

          Goal/Focus includes:
            • Training and certification on the use of field narcotics test kits

            Park and Natural Resources Branch

            Goal/Focus includes:
              • Learn how drones can be used in project management, hazardous tree identification, and building inspections.
              • Learn about the legal use of drones and how/when a license is necessary to use a drone
              • Receive information to create policies regarding drone use in parks by the public.
              • Demonstrate how to maintain poured in place playground safety surfacing to maximize the useful life.
              • Demonstrate how impact attenuation tests are conducted to determine if safety surfacing is adequate to meet CPSC and ASTM standards.

                Park Branch Sponsored by:   

              Recreation Branch

              Goal/Focus includes:
              • How to engage your community to support your programs
              • Explore programming tips/ideas with other programmers while developing a program on the spot
              • Tell your agency's "story" effectively and with purpose

              Sports Branch

              Goal/Focus includes:
              • Learn "coaching styles" from some of the best in the sports world: Former University of Kansas Coach/Player and Hall of Famer, Tracy Bunge; as well as current Washburn University head women's soccer coach, Davy Phillips
              • Learn proper ways to coach today's youth, mentalities between girls and boys
              • Discuss important topics that effect the well-being of our youth in sports

              Wellness Branch

              Goal/Focus includes:
              • Discover methods to repurpose space for fitness activities
              • Learn about business management software solutions
              • Learn some technology tools to support fitness activities
              • Participate in discussions about class fees/structure/format and employee recruitment/retention

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              Evening Social

              KRPA will host an evening social on September 6th at The Pennant in Downtown Topeka. The Pennant is a NEW and FUN restaurant and bar with incredible food, vintage arcade games and a bowling alley. Learn more here: More details to come soon.

              If you would like to join the fun, please RSVP to Kelli Maydew.
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