Trade Show Auction


KRPA Hidden-Bid Auction Items NEEDED

The “Hidden Bid” auction is back…and it’s again a very important part of our KRPA state conference.

For 2017, the auction will be “Hidden Bid”, which means that dollar amounts won’t be visible as hopeful bidders vie for their favorite items. Additionally, spreading the items throughout the trade show prompts interaction with our vendors and fellow conference delegates, which makes everyone happy! The revenue raised from the Hidden Bid auction will help fund the conference scholarship fund.  

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The auction cannot happen without donations! Please get with your fellow agency and community members to solicit donations for this great cause! You can drop off your item(s) at the conference registration table when you arrive and check in. Please include an approximate value.

Questions? Contact: Mike Buchanan (buchanan@cityofmhk.com) or Andy Haar (haar@cityofmhk.com) 

"Best Hand" Fundraiser

This year's conference fundraiser is "Best Hand." 

Play during the Trade Show at the 2017 Conference for a chance to win $500. 

Basics of the game: Get the "best hand" of five cards. Entry fee is $20. ENTRY FORMS ARE BEING SOLD BY MEMBERS OF THE KRPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Proceeds from the fundraiser go to the KRPA Scholarship Fund. 

Click here to learn more about the rules.

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