KRPA includes 8 Branches with a variety of interests and specialties. Their goals are to:

  • To support the objectives of the Kansas Recreation and Park Association.
  • To foster greater membership participation and voice in Association projects.
  • To make people aware of the functions and work of the Branch and the Association.
  • To provide opportunities for members to serve in leadership capacities.
  • To provide quality workshops and training opportunities.
  • To provide support for the fiscal needs of the Association.

Branches are governed by Branch Boards. Each Board consists of 7 members.

A. Membership

Branch membership shall consist of KRPA members who have made the appropriate designation through their Association membership.

B. Officers

1.         Branch officers shall be Chair, Vice – Chair, 5 members at large.

2.         Officers shall be elected by Branch members.

3.         Officers shall serve a term of three years.

4.         Officers shall serve as the Executive Board of the branch.

C. Branch Chair

1.         Serve as presiding officer of the Branch, coordinate and chair all meetings of the branch.

2.         Represent the Branch (or appoint a representative) on the Conference Planning   Committee and coordinate Branch breakout sessions at the state conference. In addition, provide breakout session proposal forms to the executive director in a timely fashion.

3.         Report Branch activities/events to the Executive Director for inclusion in Association publications.            

4.         Work with the officers, executive committee and board of directors for the coordination of activities.

5.         Call meetings of the Branch membership as needed and conduct an annual Face to Face  Branch Meeting.

6.         Work with the executive director to evaluate needs of members.

7.         Work with the KRPA office in setting up all activities related to branch workshops.

8.         Submit a budget outline for the branch to the Association for the upcoming fiscal year.         

C. Duties of Vice-Chair

1.         Represent the Branch (or appoint a representative) on the Mid Year branch workshops and coordinate topics and speakers.

2.         Represent and assume the duties of Branch chair in his/her absence.

3.         Attend Executive Branch Board meetings and Branch business meetings.

4.         Carry out additional duties as referred by the Branch Chair.

5.         Be available to represent the branch on the Conference Planning Committee.

D. Branch Members‑at‑Large

1.         Attend Executive Board meetings and Branch business meetings.

2.         Carry out additional duties as referred by the Branch Chair.

3.         Represent the Branch on legislative matters.

Click here to view the complete KRPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS POLICY MANUAL.

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