Time to Participate in KRPA's NCAA Tournament Grid Game

26 Feb 2024 1:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Special Scholarship NCAA Tournament Grid Game Fundraiser

Are you ready for some March Madness excitement? Here's your golden opportunity to support KRPA's Scholarship Program while also getting a shot at some cash prizes!

Here's how it works:

1. Donate & Secure Your Square: A donation of $20 secures a square in our NCAA men’s basketball tournament grid. When you donate, your name placed in a grid square. 

After all 100 squares are sold and names have been placed on the 10x10 grid, and numbers 0-9 will be randomly drawn for each row and column (see above in gray). Numbers will not be assigned until after the squares have been purchased and names placed.

2.Win on Every Game: With 100 squares available, you have the chance to win on each of the 67 games in the tournament.  At the end of each NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Game, the square corresponding to the final score wins! Here's an example:

Here's an example from last year's board- if the final game score is 79-76, then the winner is Betty Zeka with the square Winner-9 and Loser-6 (see below image). An important note to make is that only the last number of the scores are considered, so if the winner's score is 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54, or so on, it means the Winner Line is 4.

3. Generous Payouts: We're offering generous payouts for each stage of the tournament:
- Play-In and 1st Round Games: $5
- 2nd Round Games: $10
- Sweet 16 Games: $20
- Elite 8 Games: $40
- Semi Final Games: $80
- Championship Game: $180

4. How to Participate: Simply click here to donate for your square(s). In the comment section, please add "Grid Game." The deadline to participate is March 14th.

5. Receive Your Numbers: Your square numbers will be emailed to you on Monday, March 18th.

Please Note: You may donate more for more squares! (Suggested donation of $20 per square.) All squares not sold will belong to KRPA. Any winnings associated with a KRPA square will be donated to the scholarship fund.

Don't miss out on this thrilling opportunity to support a great cause and potentially win big! Thank you for your generosity in helping us provide scholarships to deserving individuals.

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